New & Used SUN / Oracle hardware


ICP Networks buy and sell new and used SUN / Oracle networking hardware

ICP Networks provides a comprehensive range of current and end of sale pre-owned, refurbished and used SUN / Oracle from our large UK inventory.

For customers seeking the best quality and great value for money on flexible and innovative procurement / sparing / buyback options on SUN / Oracle, please contact our team on +44 1625 468 450 or fill in a web form.

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SUN / Oracle

We can  offer a wide range of legacy SUN and Oracle servers and storage. SUNFire, SPARC, Blades, NETRA and x86 servers, includes full systems and all upgradable options and spare parts CPU, Memory, Hard Drives



V890, V880, V490, V480, V445, V440, V24,T5220, T5240, T5440, T4-1

T1000, T2000, T5120, T5140 - Oracle M4000, M5000, M8000, M9000


Models Chassis:

6000, 6048, 8000,T6300


T6320, T6340, X6220, X6240, X6250, X6270 M2, X6270, X6275 M2, X6440, X6450, X8400, X8420

SUN x86 Servers


X2100, X2100 M2, X2200 M2, X2200, X2250, X2270, X4100, X4100 M2, X4150, X4170 M2, X4170, X4200 M2, X4250, X4270,X4500, X4540, X4600, X4600 M2, X4800, X4800 M2, X2-4, X2-8, X3-2



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