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Our Flexible Renting Plans Allow You to Run a Flexible Business

At ICP Networks we recognise that flexibility is at the heart of effective IT provision. The world changes, and changes quickly, and we help our clients to change with it.

That's why we offer a rental programme as part of our service. Clients who need rentals of items such as Cisco servers, Cisco routers and Cisco switches can come to us and arrange a long or short term contract, allowing a quick reaction to a sudden change, for example, or to deal easily with the upheaval of data centre migration.

The sheer amount of stock we hold makes it possible to meet the needs of all our clients and the rental option means that temporary solutions can be accessed for a fraction of the financial impact inherent in purchasing new or even refurbished items.

If you're planning a site migration or a one off event then contact our customer care team to discuss your requirements. Our Cisco rental programmes will meet your hardware needs at the same time as protecting your wider budget.


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