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Operations & Logistics

Operations & Logistics

ICP Networks Logistics Team Don't Just do a Difficult Job -
They Make a Difficult Job Look Easy

ICP Networks has a grasp of logistics which is reflected in every part of everything we do. From the process of buying and selling IT equipment itself, to the packaging it comes housed in and the delivery options we can call upon, our logistics team has put in place a framework capable of supporting the needs of our clients.

We think of it like this; if we can make life simple for the team here at ICP Networks, then we make life simple for the clients we're serving, and making life simple for our clients is the prize we aim for above all others.

Good logistics is a question of detail, and ICP Networks have thought about the details of every order we fulfil.

It starts with something as simple as the packaging. Except it isn't simple at all, because ICP Networks equipment is shipped in packing which has been specifically created with each individual component in mind. Bespoke packaging means less packaging, and less size and weight means a lower freight charge for our customers.

Not only that, but the fact that the packaging has been and can be recycled, and that the lower bulk reduces the shipping carbon footprint, means that even the boxes our items arrive in are testament to our commitment to the environment.

Our logistics team isn't just supremely efficient, it has a reach which extends around the globe. That's because we have customers all over the world, and whether they require a single component or a full-scale network, we're committed to supplying it.

That means partnering with leading couriers such as Fedex, TNT, DHL and UPS and it means arranging daily collections and, for UK orders, same day deliveries. We know our customers sometimes need the items they need as soon as yesterday, and while we can't quite promise that, our logistics team will make sure you get exactly what you need in a matter of hours.

Our freight options also allow us to handle large volume orders and our logistics team have the years of experience needed to deal with even the most unusual requests. As far as ICP Networks are concerned, there's no such thing as a difficult order, there are just orders our logistics team can have a bit more fun meeting.

Call us with your requirements and find out just how prepared to meet them we are.


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