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Environmental Credentials

Environmental Credentials

To conduct the operations to a clear and consistent policy for environmental protection.

Environmental management is based on four commitments:

  • Compliance with relevant environmental legislation and regulations as a minimum performance standard
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Continual improvement of the Environmental Management System (EMS) to achieve improved environmental performance.
  • Provision of adequate resources for effective environmental management

The Managing Director has defined an Environmental Policy that includes these commitments and sets out the intentions and principles for environmental performance.

The policy complies with the requirements of ISO14001 and provides a framework to set objectives and targets for environmental improvement.

A statement of the policy is published and communicated to all employees and made available on request to the public. Suppliers and contractors are made aware of the environmental expectations of their products, services and operations.

The policy is reviewed at annual Management Review to ensure it remains appropriate to the environmental impacts of the activities, products and services and continues to fulfill aims for environmental protection. It is also reviewed for consistency with other management policies.


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