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ICP Networks provides a comprehensive range of current and end of sale pre-owned, refurbished and used Juniper from our large UK inventory.

For customers seeking recognized quality and great value for money - in addition to flexible and innovative procurement, sparing, buyback options on Juniper, please contact our team on +44 1625 468 450 or fill in our easy-to-use request form below.

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Juniper offers network equipment such as routers, components, base systems, firewalls and devices created to accelerate applications of every kind. That"s the nuts and bolts of it, but what they offer beyond this is connectivity, via hardware which is built to get the job done and carry on doing it even as the world around it and the volume of content changes. The range of Juniper items available is large enough to meet the varying needs of any customers, and it's all aimed at providing made to measure solutions at off the peg prices.

Whether you need to share or gather data, store information or protect what you already have on your network, Juniper hardware will allow you to do so. It is also designed with scalability in mind, meaning it can deal with the challenges of a growing business model as and when they arise, allowing you to carry on delivering what you deliver and taking advantage of ever larger markets. Whether virtual, physical or a combination of the two, Juniper products get the job done.

Here at ICP Networks we offer a combination of value, trust and an overarching ethos which you simply won"t find matched elsewhere. It begins with products such as Juniper Netscreens, base systems, interfaces and components. The products we provide, whether end of sale, pre-owned, refurbished or used aren"t simply as good as new, they"re better - tested and analysed in our state of the art headquarters until we feel able to offer a total guarantee of their quality. That process then feeds through to the value we offer, allowing us to keep prices down without cutting any corners on either our Juniper products or our customer service.

The excellence we provide as a rule is reflected in the awards and accreditations we're proud to have received, but also, and even more so, in the words of customers who"ve already experienced everything we offer. It begins with our website, and the fact that anything you see here is guaranteed to be ready and waiting on the shelves of our custom built headquarters. Place your order before 4pm and your item or items will be dispatched the very same day, reaching you the day after.

The fact that we provide a lot of recycled equipment does not mean any dropping off in the level of quality our customers can expect. On the contrary, it allows us to be flexible in the provision of equipment, to offer prices which make integrated IT systems of this kind far more affordable, and to underline our genuine and heartfelt commitment to green IT provision.

If you have a questions then please contact us to speak to a member of our customer care team. They'll do their best to answer your question and point you in the direction of the equipment you need at the price you"d like to pay.

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