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ICP Networks provides a comprehensive range of current and end of sale pre-owned, refurbished and used Check Point from our large UK inventory.

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More than 100,000 businesses around the world rely on Checkpoint Software Technologies to protect their interests, and that's because they realise how vital finding the right security partner has become. Cyber security has slowly shifted from being an afterthought or add-on extra to resting at the heart of any business infrastructure. The commercial and reputational damage which can be caused by a cyber-attack or data breach is now so huge that you need to know your information and the details of your clients and associates are totally secure whilst remaining constantly accessible.

Checkpoint network security and firewalls combine technological savvy with sharp business thinking. Checkpoint have worked in this field since the earliest days of cyber security and have developed a range of solutions, such as Checkpoint network interface cards, which combine complete protection with intuitive and fluid security management options. Checkpoint network security and firewalls won't get in the way of running your business, they'll make it possible. More than 70 US patents, with 60 pending and many more granted worldwide, are testament to the commitment which Checkpoint has to innovation, and to staying one step ahead of the threat which businesses face.

Few aspects of IT provision are reliant on issues of trust more than network security. When you opt for Checkpoint network security and firewalls or Checkpoint network interface cards you're placing some of the most vital aspects of your well-being in their hands. You can bring the same levels of trust to your dealing with ICP Networks. We've got the accreditations to back up our claims of excellence and a brief glance at our customer testimonials will make it plain that we regard doing our best as the minimum requirement.

The kind of trust we're talking about is based upon being able to rely on two things. The first of these is the quality of the items we provide. Whether they're new, end of sale, pre-owned or refurbished, every Checkpoint item we sell has been tested and certified by our trained technicians, and will be shipped boxed and as good as new. That's because we're committed to both customer care and Green IT. We're determined that Green IT should become a truly mainstream idea, and we know that this will only happen if people feel they can rely on the kind of refurbished equipment which we provide. By maintaining levels of excellence, we shift the argument on and turn Green IT into a practical and highly affordable reality.

The other vital aspect of trust is security of supply. In simple terms, the ICP Networks headquarters is a huge, state of the art building stocked with thousands of items. More than that, we guarantee that every single item on the website is ready and waiting to be dispatched. Any order placed before 4pm on items in stock will be with you the very next day. Last, but by no means least, we offer value for money and flexibility. From a full system to a single component, our innovative supply chain means we can meet your needs as they grow and change and do so for less than you're probably expecting to pay. Contact our customer care team today. We'll discuss your needs and set about providing the IT security your business needs.

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