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ICP Networks offer full systems and parts across multiple platforms within EMC. We stock complete Clariion, Isilon, VNXe/VNX and Data Domain systems, including controllers, shelves, and all upgradable disk SSD, SATA, SAS and FC. All hardware is fully tested and inspected by our certified technicians in one of our distribution centers located in North America, Europe and Asia, enabling quick delivery to any major city in the world. The equipment will arrive at your door completely tested, configured, and deployable out of the box.

For customers seeking recognized quality and great value for money - in addition to flexible and innovative procurement, sparing, buyback options on EMC, please contact our team on +44 1625 468 450 or fill in our easy-to-use request form below.

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EMC is about two things above all else; the power of efficient storage and the ongoing transformation of the business environment into one which is increasingly rooted in the digital world. EMC hardware such as the Clariion, Isilon, VNXe/VNX and Data Domain systems allow companies to collect, refine and analyse vast amounts of information, enabling them to gain a true picture of what they do and how they do it, and therefor to reconfigure the business in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

EMC is also working at the leading edge of digital technology, an approach based upon the realisation that the information which companies rely upon is increasingly being provided by an ever proliferating range of devices. In order to facilitate this change, EMC provides hardware solutions which can easily be up scaled and automated systems which utilise software and cloud integration to streamline and improve service delivery.


Put simply, you should choose ICP Networks to provide your EMC networking solutions because you can trust us.

Recognized Experience:

You can take a look at the many accreditations and awards we’ve received, you can read the glowing comments of the many people we’ve done business with over more than a decade and, best of all, you can get in touch and find out exactly what were able to do for you. From a single piece of equipment to a complex and multifaceted system, no matter what your EMC needs are, we`ll be able to meet them.

Order before 4pm and we guarantee next day delivery via one of the army of couriers we utilise. Whether the item you purchase is brand new, end of sale, pre-owned or refurbished, it comes with our guarantee of excellence, and a promise that the recycling of IT equipment doesn’t represent any drop off in quality.

Circular Economy:

On the contrary, our commitment to Green IT - manifested in the state of the art headquarters in which we are based - ensures we always go the extra mile to deliver exactly what our clients need at a price which represents the best possible value. By choosing ICP Networks a business or other organisation can access hardware such as EMC routers and gateways which might otherwise have been beyond their reach.

The fact that EMC are constantly innovating and trying to keep pace with the shifting business environment means that customers who choose ICP Networks to meet their needs can do the same, equipping themselves to handle the challenges of tomorrow whilst exploiting the opportunities of today. If you’ve got any questions then please bring them to a member of our customer care team, and we’ll do our best to furnish the answers.


EMC is a leader in providing information management and EMC storage systems to enterprises of all sizes. EMC Information Management Strategy services organise your unstructured information by focusing on things such as reducing cost of storage and improving information security. This service enables companies to move to a model reaching all your application and business processes by refining your information policies. As a result, companies reduce operating and infrastructure costs.

Second only to your people, your information is your organisation’s most important asset. EMC Storage provides the technologies and tools that can help you release the power of your information. We can help you design, build, and manage flexible, scalable, and secure information infrastructures. And with these infrastructures, you’ll be able to intelligently and efficiently store, protect, and manage your information so that it can be made accessible, searchable, shareable, and, ultimately, actionable.

You can also use EMC Storage information infrastructure as the foundation for implementing your information lifecycle management strategies, securing your critical information assets, leveraging your content for competitive advantage, automating your data center operations, reducing power and cooling costs, and more.

EMC VNX Series

EMC VNX5100, EMC VNX5200, EMC VNX5300, EMC VNX5400, EMC VNX5500, EMC VNX5600, EMC VNX5700, EMC VNX5800, EMC VNX7500, EMC VNX7600, EMC VNX8000, EMC VNXe Series, EMC VNXe3100, EMC VNXe3150, EMC VNXe3300,



EMC DataDomain

DataDomain Overview

DD2500, DD4200, DD4500, DD7200


MC Symmetrix 10k, EMC Symmetrix 20k, EMC Symmetrix 40k






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