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At ICP Networks, Unwanted IT Equipment isn't Just Unwanted IT Equipment, it's an Opportunity

At ICP Networks we realise that IT provision is a two way street, that the needs and demands of organisations of all sizes are constantly shifting and changing and that flexibility is the key to maintaining communication and data networks that can get the job done.

To help make sure that all this happens we buy surplus data and networking equipment from our customers, allowing them to realise the value resting in items that would otherwise be redundant, thus freeing up cash flow.

Whether you sell for cash or for a reduction in the price of an installation or upgrade is up to you, and our purchasing team will work with you closely to reach the best possible deal.

Contact us today and a member of our team will offer a current valuation based on the information you provide. After that we work to make the process as simple as possible, turning payments around rapidly and, if required, helping with de-installation, packaging and collection.

Our commitment to recycling allows us to see the value in unwanted IT equipment.

Our commitment to our customers allows them to realise that value.

Our purchasing process is very straight forward, in addition we offer a fast payment turnaround and our logistics team are available to support you should de-installation, packaging and collection be required.


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