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If you want to buy Cisco IP Phones contact ICP Networks for for a quotation with an unbeatable combination of quality, value and service.

We stock a wide range of Cisco IP Phones from the CP-6900, CP-7800, CP-7900, CP-8800 series in large quantities as well as including the SIP / Third Party Call Control version (3PCC-K9) and a sprinkling of Cisco CP-8900, and CP-9900 series models. In addition to the SPA300 and SPA500 series SIP phones. Our custom built Cheshire warehouse is home to literally thousands of items, all ready and waiting for immediate dispatch. If you need to buy Cisco IP Phones then you can do so safe in the knowledge we are stockists of most all of the Models of SPA, CP and conference range Cisco phones.

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Buy Cisco IP Phones

Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team if you require any further assistance. We look forward to hearing from you. You can contact us directly by this form or by telephone on any UK working day from 08:00 to 17:00 +44 1625 468 450 .

We stock a wide range of Cisco IP Phones from the CP-6900, CP-7800, CP-7900, CP-8800 series in large quantities as well as a sprinkling of Cisco CP-8900, and CP-9900 series models. In addition to the SPA300 and SPA500 series SIP phones. Every Cisco IP Phone will have been tested and certified by our technicians, and will arrive boxed and as good as new, if not better. Our service doesn’t end there. We offer industry leading warranties as well as maintenance and ongoing support.

Some of our most popular units from the 7800 series are CP-7821-K9, CP-7832-K9, CP-7841-K9, CP-7861-K9, CP-7811-K9-3PCC-K9, CP-7821-K9-3PCC-K9, CP-7841-K9-3PCC-K9, and the CP-7861-K9-3PCC-K9.

Similarly, the 8800 series has the following items that are most interesting CP-8811-K9, CP-8841-K9, CP-8845-K9, CP-8861-K9, CP-8865-K9, CP-8811-K9-3PCC-K9, and the CP-8831-K9-3PCC-K9.

When you buy Cisco IP Phones from us you become a partner, working with us to maximise your IT provision at the same time as engaging with the Green IT revolution and cutting your own costs. Contact a member of our team on the form below or call +44 1625 468 450 and find out exactly what we can do for you. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs and even happier to meet them.


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You can take a look at the many accreditations and awards we've received, you can read the glowing comments of the many people we've done business with over more than a decade and, best of all, you can get in touch and find out exactly what were able to do for you. From a single piece of equipment to a complex and multifaceted system, no matter what your  needs are, we`ll be able to meet them.

Order before 4pm and we guarantee next day delivery via one of the army of couriers we utilise. Whether the item you purchase is brand new, end of sale, pre-owned or refurbished, it comes with our guarantee of excellence, and a promise that the recycling of IT equipment doesn't represent any drop off in quality.

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On the contrary, our commitment to Green IT - manifested in the state of the art headquarters in which we are based - ensures we always go the extra mile to deliver exactly what our clients need at a price which represents the best possible value. By choosing ICP Networks a business or other organisation can access hardware such as  routers and gateways which might otherwise have been beyond their reach.

The fact that  are constantly innovating and trying to keep pace with the shifting business environment means that customers who choose ICP Networks to meet their needs can do the same, equipping themselves to handle the challenges of tomorrow whilst exploiting the opportunities of today. If you've got any questions then please bring them to a member of our customer care team, and we'll do our best to furnish the answers.

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