Bespoke asset management solutions

Bespoke asset management solutions

ICP Networks asset management services are specifically tailored to the needs of our varied client base.

Our experienced team will provide end to end solutions for the full lifecycle of clients IT assets.

We recognise the challenges faced in supply chain management and are on hand to partner with you to implement secure, environmentally sound, cost reducing processes to help facilitate the reverse logistics operation.

In 2014 in partnership with one of our clients, a large financial institute, ICP Networks developed a live asset management portal. Offering up to the minute reporting over a web interface it allows the user to see exactly what assets are available for immediate dispatch for reuse within their network.

They can also make informed decisions about which assets are perhaps surplus to requirements and select them for resale. Finally detailed lists of the goods that don't meet the selected criteria for reuse or resale are visible and can be selected for recycling.

Every item of equipment that passes through ICP Network's bespoke stock management system is tracked in real time every step of the way using the manufacturers serial number and an individual asset tag.

Post inspection the equipment is sent to our engineers for testing and sanitisation. All units are data wiped securely and restored to their factory default settings before being made available for re-use or re-sale.

Call one of our team to find out how we can simplify the asset management process of your surplus IT hardware, saving you time and putting money back into your budget to be spent on New projects.



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