ICP Networks Shine For Photo Shoot

ICP-Networks-Photo-ShootThe ICP Networks team have been blazing a trail across the European IT and Networking industry – now customers can put a face to the name.

We try to meet as many of our customers as is humanly possibly but with clients spread across the world it isn’t always possible.

So, we decided a compromise might involve a photo shoot so we can at least meet you virtually – and allow those clients and suppliers we deal with to understand who we are.


ICP Networks MD Matt Archer, said: “We organised a photo shoot when we first moved to Lexicon House and it was a lot of fun.

“It is amazing how time flies though and we thought after a couple of years it was time update our portfolio with a fresh shoot.

Onside PR organised the shoot with photographer David Scholes and, as some of you may have seen, it even involved professional drone filming team Vox Air.

“The shoot was a lot of fun but we believe is important as our team are talking to hundreds of clients and suppliers all over the world and now they can put a name to a face.

“Obviously we try to meet as many of the people we work with as often as we can but we don’t want to be one of those faceless businesses who attempt to trade simply via an email address or contact form.

“The ICP Networks team are real people with lots of experience and expertise but crucially, they work at ICP Networks because they care about what we do and how we try to do it.”

ICP Networks buy and sell IT and networking equipment from leading manufacturers including Cisco, Juniper, Avaya, Nokia, Sun, HP and other leading manufacturers.

To learn how ICP Networks can help you business contact us by clicking this link or by calling our team+44(0)1625 856 480.

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