Recycling memories and much, much more.

Back in the day, I can recall when I was a young and you could drink your can of fizzy pop and firstly not have to worry about how much sugar was in it.   Ah the good ole days.  Fully leaded Gas err Petrol I should say in the UK 🙂   and most importantly fully sugarized fizzy pop!  Woohoo, bouncing off the ceilings at home time…  No wonder parents sent their children outside until the street lights came on.

The challenge at that time of our lifes was to quench the thrist of that day with our fizzy pop.   It was actually pretty easy some days.  Where I grew up in the States we had a .05 cent deposit on cans and bottles of fizzy pop.  So all we had to do was collect a few cans or bottles and that kept us in candy and fizzy pop until dark.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could do the same with IT manufactures equipment below?  ( I have to apologize, I am still an idealistic teenager deep down – who has to drink diet fizzy pop now. )


Recycle Apple

Recycle Avaya

Recycle Cisco

Recycle Check Point Appliances

Recycle Datacentre materials

Recycle Dell

Recycle Electronics

Recycling for the Government

Recycle Hardware

Recycle HP

Recycle IBM

Recycling IT infastructure
Recycle IP Phone’s

Recycle IT Asset’s

Recycle Networking

Recycle Servers

We are here to help if we can, and let’s complete revolving nature of these materials and recycle.   Click here if we can help with Recycling Cisco

Recycling regards,

Matt and the ICP Team

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