Money for old rope? For the Channel, yes perhaps so.

Money for old rope?

Many channel companies are reacting to the green agenda of their clients by offering them new architectures for their data centres, replacement low power desktop technology and new IT applications and conferencing systems that enable remote working and reduce travelling.

These great initiatives whilst addressing green issues for their clients cause headaches for both the channel and the end user when it comes to disposing of the replaced technology. Some of the redundant technology may have many years of re use if handled correctly but what resources does the reseller or the end user have for recycling or re use.

Also for equipment that is beyond use how does the reseller or end user dispose of it responsibly following the standards referred to in the EC Directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Some of the new technologies like virtualisation are allowing organisations to completely restructure their IT architectures to be more efficient, deliver more performance and reduce power consumption, commented Matthew Archer, CEO of ICP.

This is a real win win situation for these companies as they get better performance at a lower cost, enable more efficient business practices and as a bonus it meets their commitment to a greener and more responsible IT strategy.

However in the middle of all this change is the need to dispose of the older equipment in a green responsible manner. This is where ICP can help the channel not only offer a useful service to their clients but also make some considerable extra margin in the deal.

Recycle with

Mathew continued, “The important issue for the channel is to call in ICP right at the beginning of the project to assess the best way of re using or disposing of the replaced equipment. At the beginning of the project items can be identified, re cycled and investments recovered early.

Then, if any equipment needs to be processed to WEEE standards, ICP can manage the whole process alongside several partner organizations who deal in the purchasing of precious metals, scrap metal, and removals

It is surprising, considering the investment of time, money and all of the other factors with acquisitions and installations, that such a small amount of thought and attention is paid to the back end of any project. Because of this opportunities are being missed daily.

By partnering with the channel we quickly find out what is right for them and their client and adjust our systems around what works for them, commented Mathew.

Because much of the ‘greening’ of IT involves complete re architecting of the IT infrastructure there are many areas such as cable re runs that are overlooked when it comes to recycling.

ICP often gets involved in recycling cabling, power supplies and cabinets as well as the traditional IT systems, stated Mathew Archer.

It is amazing how much extra value we can recover for our channel partners by looking holistically at the whole green agenda of their clients. It is often margin that is left on the table because the channel has no experience or skills in recycling but most importantly because they don t plan early enough in the project.

When it comes to recycling, ICP achieves 99% re use of old equipment through re sell. Anything not sold off is scrapped to WEEE Standards.

Our partners can offer their clients a real service that fully addresses their green agenda. If you think that we could bring extra margin into your business and help you profit from going green then just give me a call on 01625 856 480 or drop me an email at  concluded Mathew Archer.

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