Energy Giants E-On Focus On ICP Networks

ICP Networks will feature by E-On in national campaign

ICP Networks will feature in a UK nationwide campaign for energy giants E-On.

The energy suppliers approached the IT and Networking specialists after being impressed with ICP Networks award winning global headquarters, dubbed the ‘Greenest IT HQ’ in Britain.

E-On, are ICP Network’s energy supplier and yet the tables have turned over the past 12 months with E-On purchasing surplus energy from their customer – to the tune of more than £7,000 so far.

ICP Networks stunning headquarters boasts an array of environmentally features including a 50 kWp solar panel installation, the largest in the North West.

The stunning home of ICP Networks cost more than £1 million to create but their efforts are being rewarded with an award wining building that has created more than THREE times the amount of energy required – resulting in no energy bills and a surplus sold back to E-On.

Surplus Energy

“It is quite ironic I guess that we have technically switched positions as we are now supplying E-On with our surplus energy,” explained ICP Networks MD Matt Archer.

“E-On have quite rightly been impressed with the work we have undertaken to create Lexicon House and they asked us if they could show case our work as an example to other businesses.

“It may seem strange that an energy company wants to help businesses save energy but they are a responsible supplier and they clearly understand the needs and requirements of their customers, and also want to take the lead in terms of protecting the environment.

“It is a very proud moment for us to think that we can used as an example to others and of course we will take great pride if we can help other businesses to take steps to protect the environment and save money.”

National Campaign

E-On will feature ICP Networks and the £1 million creation of Lexicon House as a case study to their millions of customers and potential future clients.

ICP Networks MD Matt Archer has described in details the steps undertaken by ICP in creating Lexicon House and will feature as part of a national campaign.

They will highlight initiatives such as the solar panel installation at Lexicon House, the energy saving lightbulbs, motion sensor light switches and heat supplies as well as triple glazing and insulation opportunities for customers. 

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