Cisco Mega Supervisors! Cisco7600 series

I hope the discovery channel calls and we can have our new show “Cisco Mega Supervisors!”   I will not hold our breathe on that one though!

These Cisco7600 series supervisor blades power the work horse switch. They can be confusing, as there are WS-S720’s, VS-720’s & RSP720’s.   All come in Gig and 10G blades.   There are about 10 different engine choices, three of the RSP engines are below.

Double your pleasure and have a failover blade too!



RSP720-3C-GE have all of the units in stock, and we normally have the 6 slot and 9 slot chassis’ in stock too.  The Cisco7604 chassis isn’t always in stock, but they normally only take a day or two to arrive from ordering.

Looks great in any Data Centre, or Comms rack....

PSU’s come in all shapes and flavours too 🙂  we will put in a blog post with a few options soon.

As always we are more than happy to help in any way we can with a friendly chat on the phone, or you can drop us an email request through the links as well.

Thanks from the team at

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