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ICP Networks provides a comprehensive range of pre-owned, refurbished and used HPE Ethernet Switch from our large UK inventory.

For customers seeking recognized quality and great value for money - in addition to flexible and innovative procurement, sparing, buyback options on HPE, please contact our team on +44 1625 468 450 or fill in our easy-to-use request form below.

HPE Ethernet Switch

HPE 1405 Series HPE 1410 Series HPE 1420 Series HPE 1620 Series HPE 1700 Series HPE 1810 Series HPE 1810G Series HPE 1820 Series HPE 1905 Series HPE 1910 Series HPE 1950 Series HPE 2350 Series HPE 2520 Series HPE 2530 Series HPE 2540 Series HPE 2920 Series HPE 3100 EI HPE 3800 Series HPE 3C16 Series HPE 3CFS Series HPE 3CGS Series HPE 3CNJ Series HPE 40x0 Series HPE 4109 Series HPE 4200 Series HPE 4200G Series HPE 4210 Series HPE 4210G Series HPE 4500 Series HPE 5400zl HPE 5500 Series HPE 5500-SI HPE 6707 Series HPE 6896 Series HPE 7050QX HPE 7210 Series HPE 7700 Series HPE 8299 Series HPE 8320 Series HPE 8466 Series HPE 8475 Series HPE 8740 Series HPE 9801 Series HPE A3100 EI HPE A3100 Series HPE A3100 SI HPE A3600 EI HPE A3600 SI HPE Altoline 6920 HPE Altoline 6921 HPE Altoline 6960 HPE AM86 Series HPE Apollo HPE Baseline HPE Baseline 2800 HPE Baseline 2900 HPE Catalyst 3120 HPE E2610 Series HPE E2910 al HPE E4200G HPE E4210 Series HPE E4210G HPE E4500 Series HPE E6200 yl HPE FlexFabric HPE FlexFabric 12500 HPE FlexFabric 5900 HPE FlexNetwork 3100 SI HPE IntelliJack HPE J908 Series HPE J966 Series HPE J980 Series HPE J998 Series HPE JD31 Series HPE JD86 Series HPE JE04 Series HPE JG09 Series HPE JH23 Series HPE JH33 Series HPE JH59 Series HPE JH94 Series HPE JL22 Series HPE JL31 Series HPE JL32 Series HPE JL33 Series HPE OfficeConnect HPE OfficeConnect 1405 HPE OfficeConnect 1420 HPE OfficeConnect 1820 HPE OfficeConnect 1850 HPE OfficeConnect 1920 HPE OfficeConnect 1920S HPE OfficeConnect 1950 HPE Omni-Path HPE ProCurve HPE ProCurve 1400 HPE ProCurve 1410 HPE ProCurve 1700 HPE ProCurve 1800 HPE ProCurve 1810 HPE ProCurve 1810G HPE ProCurve 2510 HPE ProCurve 2520 HPE ProCurve 2600 HPE ProCurve 2610 HPE ProCurve 2800 HPE ProCurve 2810 HPE ProCurve 2910al HPE ProCurve 3500yl HPE ProCurve 6000 HPE ProCurve 6400 HPE ProCurve E2610 HPE ProLiant HPE PS1810 HPE QK71 Series HPE S3100-EI HPE S3100-SI HPE S5120-SI HPE S5600 Series HPE StoreFabric M HPE SuperStack 3 HPE SuperStack 3 3800 HPE SuperStack 3 4200 HPE SuperStack 3 4400 HPE SuperStack 3 4900 HPE SuperStack II HPE SuperStack II 1100 HPE SuperStack II 610 HPE V1400 Series HPE V1405 Series HPE V1410 Series HPE V1810 Series HPE V1905 Series HPE V1910 Series HPE VDX 6740

If for any reason you are unable to locate HPE Ethernet Switch, or anything else you are looking for, please contact one of our team on +44 1625 468 450.


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Why Choose HPE Ethernet Switch ?

Communication is vital to the workings of any modern business, and you can bring your own networks right into the 21st Century utilising HPE . We have a vast number of HPE  available and waiting to be shipped on the shelves of our custom built warehouse. The ICP Networks promise is two-fold - if it's on the website it's in our warehouse, and if it's in our warehouse it's boxed and ready for same day shipping across the UK, Europe and beyond.

The innovative sourcing methods used by ICP Networks allow us to offer flexibility and customer service without sacrificing quality. Every item we sell - whether pre-owned, refurbished or used - has been tested by our qualified technicians and reaches the kind of standards we know our customers have come to expect. Our commitment to recycling, reflected in our award winning headquarters, runs through everything we do, and allows us to embrace the ideal of Green IT at the same time as offering our customers the very best value.

If for any reason you are unable to locate HPE Ethernet Switch, or anything else you are looking for, please contact one of our team on +44 1625 468 450.

To learn more about our range of HPE Ethernet Switch items, and the innovative buy-back, lease and asset management options we provide, simply call us on +44 1625 468 450 or fill in a web form. Our customer care team will work with you to decide exactly what you need, and provide it on the best possible terms.