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ICP Networks buy and sell Cisco AIR-ANT3338, and the large inventory of stock which we hold at our state of the art headquarters often allows us to offer same day shipping throughout the UK, with next day service across Europe and around the world on the parts you require.

Flexible procurement means flexible supply, and we can meet the demand for Cisco AIR-ANT3338 whether you’re looking for a single item or an integrated system.

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New And Used Cisco AIR-ANT3338

Antennas - 2.4 GHz

2.4 Ghz, 21 dBi Solid Dish Antenna w/RP-TNC Connector

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ICP Networks stocks a wide range of new / used Cisco AIR-ANT3338, as well as the other AIR-ANT3338 Routers, Switches and IP Phones which will allow a business of any size to put together a state of the art communications network specifically tailored to meet its needs, both now and in the future.

We also buy back excess and unwanted IT and networking equipment which has a resale value, allowing our customers to realise the cash value of unwanted technology assets, or reduce the cost of an upgrade or installation. Call us on +44 1625 468 450 and our customer care team will take the time to set out all the options ICP Networks offers for building a system to exactly meet your needs.

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Antennas - 2.4 GHz


Cisco AIR-ANT3338 Specifications

Cisco Systems, Inc
Manufacturer Part Number:
Brand Name:
Product Line:
Product Model:
Product Name:
Aironet Parabolic Dish Antenna
Product Type:
Maximum Antenna Range:
42.62 km
Frequency Band Type:
2.40 GHz to 2.83 GHz
Antenna Gain:
21 dB
50 Ohm
Survival Wind Speed:
49174.40 mm/s
Cable Length:
60.96 cm
Connector Type:
609.6 mm
393.7 mm
609.6 mm
Weight (Approximate):
4.99 kg
Additional Information:

All range estimations are based on use of a BR 1310 access point and the same type of antenna at each end of the connection under ideal outdoor conditions. The distances referenced here are approximations and should be used for estimation purposes only.

  • Application: Outdoor long-range directional connections
  • Front to Back Ratio: Greater than 25 dB
  • Maximum Side Lobe: -17 dB
  • Wind Rating: 110 MPH
  • Cisco Aironet 2.4 GHz Bridge


Why Choose Cisco AIR-ANT3338?

Antennas - 2.4 GHz - AIR-ANT3338

Very-high-gain outdoor antenna with RP-TNC. This WLAN antenna is a parabolic dish designed to be used as a bridge antenna between two networks or for point-to-point communications. It consists of an aluminum parabolic reflector and feed antenna. The antenna features a rugged mount. It also offers 20-degree fine adjustment for both horizontal and vertical planes. The antenna is provided with hardware for mast mounting.

If for any reason you are unable to locate the Cisco AIR-ANT3338, or anything else you are looking for, please contact one of our team on +44 1625 468 450.


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